A photography exhibit on display through September 23 at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens captures the world as seen by  men and women living well with memory loss. They are participants in the Michigan Medicine, U-M Geriatrics Silver Club program. The photos are an expression of their vision of the natural beauty of the Arb and Gardens. The images and captions below are a sample of some of the work in the exhibit.

For more information, contact the Silver Club: 734.998.9352. Special thanks to Dr. Sonal Kamalia, M.D. Hospitalist, Michigan Medicine for her support and inspiration on the project. Read Dr. Kamalia’s statement about the exhibit below.


Reaching for Their Time in the Sun   As I See It…with a first glance, a prickly cactus saying: “Hands off! Ouch! Do not touch me and stay away.” I look deeper and closer and I see something different, a living thing warm and fuzzy just reaching for their time in the sun.

19- Life as a Peony

Life as a Peony   As I See It…True life from bud to bloom.

17- A Family Affair

A Family Affair   As I See It…young and old living harmonious together. Everyone is definitely “in the pink” and it is quite the family affair.

Aging Beauty

Aging Beauty   As I See It…a beautiful group past their prime. Fading and returning back to their origin. Beyond their peak but still very much alive and celebrating their aging beauty.


As Human Beings we all are very similar, as ultimately we all want the same things in life and share similar emotions and feelings, but yet very different. The difference comes from our experiences in life that make us who we become. As children we have not a fear and are enchanted by most all new things until we start forming our very own opinions that make us. The same thing or experience may evoke different emotions in different people and what you may see, I may not in similar ways. As a matter of fact, I may not even notice it.  This project is about how one sees their world. Members from the Silver Club Program, who are at different stages of memory loss were participants for this project and through this project they are inviting us into their life, giving us an insight as to how they view the world.

Dr. Sonal Kamalia MD, Hospitalist, Michigan Medicine


Exhibit location: Matthaei Botanical Gardens, 1800 N. Dixboro Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. mbgna.umich.edu. 734.647.7600. Free admission.