Lee Smith Bravender

Visitor Engagement - Children's Garden
(614) 795-1967

Lee is an ardent garden designer, educator, and advocate for childhood outdoor play. She is convinced outdoor play is good for all humans, and is deeply curious about the human health benefits of Nature access. Her crooked path includes a BA in Literacy Education, M.Ed in Literacy & TESOL, and a yet-unfinished degree in Sustainable Garden Design & Horticulture. She’s taught in middle schools, community based literacy centers, and recidivism reduction initiatives, developed learner-centered programming at non-profit organizations and after-school programs, and founded gardensmith, her ecological garden design & install business. A grateful mama to two grown humans, she is happy to have landed in Ann Arbor with her partner, where she can walk nearly everywhere, access wild and urban Nature all around, and make unruly, wild, playful gardens.

Lee has many favorite plants, one or two in most garden categories: overstory tree, understory tree, Spring blooming shrub, Winter blooming shrub, cultivated bulb, wild minor bulb, native plant for dry shade, umbellifer, plant with racemes, d.y.c, plant to eat in Summer, plant to eat in…you can ask her about them when you see her.