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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Assistant Director of Annual Giving (734) 615-9475
Alex Bryan Manager, U-M Sustainable Food Program
Alexis Ford Visitor Engagement – Events (734) 647-8391
Andy Traugh Visitor Engagement – Garden Store and Front Desk Manager (734) 647-7860
Carmen Leskoviansky Collections and Natural Areas Specialist (734) 896-1766
Catriona Mortell-Windecker University Services Outreach and Interpretation (734) 615-9474
Christine Chessler-Stull Volunteer Coordinator (734) 647-8528
David Betz Chief Administrative Officer (734) 647-7697
David Michener University Services Curation and Manager (734) 647-8711
Denice Virgo Visitor Engagement Front Desk Team (734) 647-7600
Douglas Conley Garden Coordinator (618) 791-9010
Elizabeth Spencer Facilities Coordinator (734) 647-8083
Eva Roos Caretaker
Jack Pritchard Caretaker (734) 998-7179
Jeff Plakke Field Services Manager (734) 274-1809
Jeremy Moghtader Campus Farm Manager (734) 647-8084
Joe Mooney Marketing and Development Associate (734) 647-9679
Jordon Tourville Caretaker
Katie Stannard Visitor Engagement Front Desk Team 7346477600
Kirk Acharya Caretaker
Lee Smith Bravender Visitor Engagement - Children's Garden (614) 795-1967
Lexi Brewer Caretaker (734) 615-9479
Linda Neely Visitor Engagement - Rentals (734) 647-7808
Liz Glynn Visitor Engagement - K-12 Education (734) 763-6667
Maricela Avalos Data & GIS Specialist (734) 764-9738
Mason Opp Conservatory/Greenhouse Technician
Meredith Olson Director of Development (734) 647-7847
Michael Palmer Greenhouse Research Coordinator, Collections Horticulturist/University Team (734) 756-5098
Michael Stadler Collections/Natural Areas Specialist (734) 389-3245
Mike Kost Curator of Native Plants (734) 647-7704
Murphy Harrington Natural Areas and Horticultural Technician
Nastya Vlasava Visiting Scholar
Paul Girard Collections/Natural Areas Specialist (810) 772-9401
Rachel Bernecker Financial Coordinator (734) 764-7826
Robert Grese Director (734) 763-0645
Sarah Peterson Caretaker
Steven Parrish Natural Areas Specialist (734) 274-7076
Tom O’Dell Collections/Natural Areas Specialist (734) 369-0031

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The City of Ann Arbor has contracted with the firm White Buffalo to conduct the 2019 deer cull across the city and in Nichols Arboretum (the Arb). The Arb will be closed from 3pm until midnight on January 7, 14, and 17. There will be signage and DPS staff at all the entrances to the Arb to let people know when the cull is occurring. On those dates and times, campus police will not allow anyone within the Arboretum from 3pm-12 am

Arb closure dates and times:

3 pm-midnight:

Monday, January 7,  Monday, January 14,  Thursday, January 17.

More information on the cull can be found at the City of Ann Arbor website.