On Friday, September 14, a beautiful sunset illuminated Nichols Arboretum, while long-standing members joined distinguished speakers for an event focused on well-being. Michigan Medicine emeritus professor Dr. Sara Warber, and LSA (PiTE) Lecturer Dr. Jason Duvall discussed the powerful and intricate effects nature has on our physical and mental well-being. Members learned about Warber and Duvall’s work, asked intriguing questions, and discussed the profound healing capabilities of our natural world. After the discussion, members walked to Heathdale to enjoy a sensory-awareness activity by artist and MFA student Bridget Quinn. During this activity, guests were asked to write down the senses they feel in nature. We have compiled these words this poetic paragraph:

I am this, this I am. The wind blowing through me, riding on its salty waves. Sun and breeze on me. Hearing the lopping waves on the shore.  Lush, green, mossy, wet heaviness of moss, clean crisp air. The weight of my body on the hillside. Rolling close. Quiet. Peaceful, restful, overlook of grasslands. Relaxation. Connection to all and being present. Constantly changes with light, sound and movement of living residents. Dropping nuts, whirling squirrel. Under the old Hickory tree — safe, warm, earthy. India. Still and safe home. Love and marriage counseling. Timeless, eternal, vast, fragile. Audible silence. Connected, restful, peaceful, joy, happy memories, meaningful. Serendipity. Roaring of the waterfall. The feeling of mist spraying against my skin. Breezy. Bubbling. Bird song. Sounds, texture. Fragrance, changing light of the sun. Does nature love you back?

We express immense gratitude for our long-standing members whose continued support have helped us further our mission and create unique experiences like this one.

Enjoy a gallery of images from the event below.