Congratulations, student prize and award winners! Following are University of Michigan students who have received the 2020 awards from the Winnifred Chase Fellowship and the William D. Drake and Nanette LaCross Prizes. Recipients below:

The Winnifred Chase Fellowship supports botanical field work.

  • Chatura Vaidya, PhD student with John Vandermeer in LSA-Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: $1,800 towards her research on pollinator shifts in relation to ecological change in Mexico.

The William D. Drake and Nanette R. LaCross Prizes recognize and support affiliation of School for Environment (SEAS) and Program in the Environment students with the Matthaei-Nichols.

William D. Drake Prize

  • Rachael Carlberg, Master of Science student with Johannes Foufopoulos (SEAS); $1,400 towards field work on the interaction of invasive rabbits and plants in Mediterranean island ecosystems.
  • Etienne Herrick, PhD student with Jennifer Blesh (SEAS); $1,500 towards research on the ecological multifunctionality of crop mixtures.
  • Lara O’Brien, Masters student (SEAS); $1,000 in recognition of her work with GIS systems at the Matthaei-Nichols, including proposed drone-overflights for a pilot project with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Lais Petri, PhD student with Ines Ibanez (SEAS); $1,500 towards research on temperate forest vulnerability to invasive species.
  • Daniel Phillips, PhD student with Mark Lindquist (SEAS); $1,500 towards an intense 3-day Rustbelt (Urb)arium in Flint, MI.



Nanette R. LaCross Prize

  • Ayana Curran-Howes, Masters student with Ivette Perfecto and Sara Adlerstein-Gonzalex (SEAS); $1,000 for research on agricultural impacts on native bee diversity.
  • Erica Gardner, a dual-degree Masters student in Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Systems (SEAS); $1,000 towards biodegradation of microplastics.
  • Andriana Miljanic, Masters student with Ivette Perfecto and Victoria Campbell-Arvai (SEAS); $1,200 towards research on the interactions of intercropping, crop yields and climate change.
  • Samantha Stokes, Masters student with Dorceta Taylor (SEAS) and David Michener (Matthaei-Nichols) $1,000 towards assessment of mnomen (wild rice, manoomin) restoration on SEAS and Matthaei-Nichols properties.