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Peony Bloom Countdown


2015 Peony Season will arrive

Current Status as of April 6, 2015: Spring has officially arrived and some of the peonies have begun to emerge. A welcome sight!

Status on March 19, 2015:The snow has melted from the main beds, but the peonies have not begun to emerge. More cold weather is expected through the end of the month; the peonies will begin to emerge once the ground thaws.

Status on February 13, 2015: It's the depth of winter's cold here in Ann Arbor, so the peonies are dormant. That's good - peony roots require winter chilling for the plants to grow well the next year (and one reason you don't find peony gardens in warm-winter climates). Once winter ends and the peonies begin to emerge, we'll post our pictures and best-estimates of when the garden will begin to come into bloom, as well as peak bloom. 

Peony Garden on Friday the 13th Feb.,  2015 (can you find the human-sized snow man?)

What is peak bloom? Peak bloom represents an ideal time to visit the garden and see many different peonies in bloom. Bloom season estimate in any given year is a staff "best guess" and will be updated as spring progresses. It is difficult to predict exactly when the peonies will bloom too far in advance. They choose their own schedule!




The Peony Garden peak bloom time usually begins in late May to early June. This is when a majority of the herbaceous peonies burst into an intense display that usually lasts about two weeks.

  • Peak bloom may arrive more than 10 days early if unusually warm weather "pushes" the garden, or it can be delayed if we have an extra week or more of cool days and nights. The duration of peak bloom depends on the weather, too. Hot dry winds take the garden down days too early for us; calm cool days can extend the peak season by nearly a week.
  • The Peony Garden is always into its post-bloom summer growing season by the Summer Solstice.


An urban myth says there is a peak day when all are in bloom. Not so - there is a peak season. Since each peony blooms on its individual schedule based on weather and genetic programming, there has never been a "peak day" when all are in bloom. Nor will that ever happen. So enjoy them in bloom and revel that Nature runs on its own calendar.